Salesforce to launch cloud-based Hyperforce service in Korea

Sohn Bu-han, country manager of Salesforce Korea, speaks during a press conference at Lotte World Tower in Seoul, Tuesday. Courtesy of Salesforce Korea

By Baek Byung-yeul

Salesforce, a U.S.-based customer relationship management (CRM) software company, aims to strengthen its leadership in Korea's digital transformation market with the release of its Hyperforce service, a software package that can run on public cloud computing services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure, the head of its Korean unit said Tuesday.

"Salesforce will support domestic companies' digital innovation acceleration by launching the new service while quickly introducing innovation technologies required by markets and customers to lead the digital innovation paradigm in the Korean market," Sohn Bu-han, country manager of Salesforce Korea, said during a press conference at Lotte World Tower in Seoul.

Hyperforce has currently been released in nine countries, including the U.S., Canada, India, France and Japan. The company elaborated that Hyperforce is an infrastructure architecture that can operate Salesforce's CRM services via public cloud.

With the service's strong security capability and scalability, Salesforce Korea expects it can support more companies to achieve digital transformation. The service will be available in the Korean market in the first half of 2023. Bae Sang-keun, director of Salesforce Korea, said the company will also release its service to advance in the public, finance and medical sectors.

In addition to introducing its new service plan, Salesforce also said it has been strengthening its digital transformation leadership here in cooperation with local IT service company LG CNS.

Kim Chang-eun, vice president of the Digital Technology Division at LG CNS, introduced a case of how the company has been doing in the digital transformation business together with Salesforce.

In February, LG CNS successfully launched Singlex, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, in cooperation with various software providers including Salesforce. Through Singlex, the company provides end-to-end integrated IT services throughout the entire digital innovation process such as technology proposal, consulting, construction and maintenance.

"To help firms achieve digital transformation, they need technology service providers like Salesforce and their partner companies like LG CNS. The close alliance between Salesforce and LG CNS has become very important as they can response agilely to their customers' demands," Kim said.

"Our Singlex service encompasses financial affairs, human resources management, sales, purchasing and manufacturing on one platform. We are able to provide a customized service to each of our customers. LG CNS and Salesforce plan to jointly discover new customers, conduct sales activities and operate services."

Baek Byung-yeul

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