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EXO leader makes silver screen debut in 'One Way Trip'

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Actor Kim Jun-myun, more widely known as Suho of K-pop boy band EXO, made his debut on the big screen in "One Way Trip."

In the coming-of-age film directed by Choi Jeong-yeol, the hallyu star plays the role of Sang-woo, a teen raised by his grandmother of humble means. Kim costars in the film with three rising young actors: Ryu Jun-yeol, Jisu and Kim Hee-chan.

"I put special emphasis on acting out the emotional sensitivities of the character," Kim said, in a press conference for "One Way Trip" that took place in CGV Apgujeong in Seoul.

On the verge of becoming an adult, Sang-woo is shocked to find his beloved grandmother struggling to save money for his college tuition. Economic plights render him unable to attend college, so he starts his compulsory military service at an early age. He takes a day trip to the port city of Pohang for his last break before military, only to run into a horrifying accident.

"After all, Sang-woo is a character who has to leave his grandmother all by herself as he is away to serve in the military. To him, his anxiety about his own family matters is so overwhelming that he cannot even freely lust and goof off as he and his gang stare at a sexy passer-by during the Pohang trip," Kim said.

Regarding Kim's first meeting with Choi, the movie director said he "felt concerned about Kim Jun-myun's fitness for the role," because the singer-actor was "way too good-looking" to play the role of someone underprivileged.

But after a short while, Choi felt confident that Kim's personality exuded with earnestness and purity, matching the character, Sang-woo.

"One Way Trip" will premiere in local theaters on March 24. (Yonhap)

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