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Actress Choo Ja-hyun in 'bad condition' after childbirth

By Kang Aa-young, Park Si-soo

Actress Choo Ja-hyun is in intensive care after giving birth to a boy at an obstetrics clinic in Seoul on June 1.

Choo, 39, is in a general hospital in Seoul, her agency BH Entertainment said.

The agency released the statement after a newspaper reported that Choo had failed to regain consciousness after the birth and was "barely breathing through an oxygen mask."

The agency said the actress's health was "bad" ― but she was not unconscious and relying on a life-sustaining device.

"She is conscious," the agency said in a statement. "She is recovering her health and exchanging text messages with family and friends."

Choo, who is one of the most popular Korean stars in China, married Chinese actor Yu Xiaoguang in January last year.