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Actress Choo Ja-hyun leaves hospital as pneumonia subsides

Choo Ja-hyun and her husband Yu Xiaoguang.

By Park Si-soo

Actress Choo Ja-hyun, 39, suffering acute post-childbirth pneumonia, has left hospital as her health shows clear signs of recovery.

She received a doctor's permission to leave hospital on Tuesday, the actress' agency in Seoul said.

She is now resting at her home in Seoul, receiving care from her husband Yu Xiaoguang, a Chinese actor, BH Entertainment said. She will see a doctor as an outpatient until she is recovered fully, it said.

Early this week, the agency said Choo's health was "bad" after giving birth to a boy at an obstetrics clinic in Seoul on June 1.

The agency said the pneumonia was caused after an unspecified "secretion" flowed into her lungs during post-delivery body cramps. At one point, she was treated in an intensive care unit, breathing through an oxygen mask, the agency said.

Choo, who is one of the most popular Korean stars in China, married Yu Xiaoguang in January last year.