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Frozen egg: Korean actress reveals she is 10 weeks pregnant

Korean actress Ham So-won and her Chinese husband Jin Hua. Capture from Ham So-won's Instagram.
By Dong Sun-hwa

Korean actress Ham So-won, 43, who is married to a Chinese man 18 years younger, is 10 weeks pregnant.

Her pregnancy was revealed Tuesday in a preview of TV Chosun's new reality show "Flavor of Wife."

In the preview, she meets an obstetrician and attempts to see a sonogram of her baby. But the sonogram did not seem to function properly.

The actress, who could not hear the baby's heartbeat, panicked and burst into tears. Her Chinese husband, Jin Hua, 25, tried to comfort her but also looked anxious.

What else happened during her visit to the doctor will be aired on June 19.

Previously, the actress revealed that she had about 15 eggs frozen before meeting her husband.

Since women's fertility begins to decline dramatically from the age of 37, freezing eggs has been emerging as a way of achieving pregnancy for older women.