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P.O from Block B shows ignorance of basic history

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P.O from K-pop act Block B. Yonhap
P.O from K-pop act Block B. Yonhap

By Dong Sun-hwa

P.O from K-pop act Block B faced criticism from viewers for lacking basic knowledge of Korean history when e appeared on season five of tvN's new reality show "New Journey to the West" on Sunday.

The sub-rapper, whose real name is Pyo Ji-hoon, was asked which country Bak Hyeokgeose established. Even an elementary school student would and should know this rudimentary fact on Korea's origins.

P.O wrongly answered that Bak established China.

Bak founded and was first king of the Silla kingdom of Korea, which existed during the Three Kingdom period (57 BC-668 AD.) Legend has it that he was born out of an egg.

P.O also incorrectly answered when asked who made Daedongyeojido or "The Great Map of the East Land" in 1861. The map of Korea during the Joseon period (1392-1910,) is known for its accuracy and quality. Kim Jeong-ho is the right answer.

While some fans support P.O and maintain the singer answered wrongly to be funny, many viewers are slamming him for being ignorant.

"Being ignorant is not something funny," wrote a netizen.

P.O debuted as a member of Block B in 2011, with the album "Do U Wanna B?" The seven-member group has won a myriad of fans thanks to hit tracks including "H.E.R." But reports say group leader Zico might leave, although this has not been confirmed.

Dong Sun-hwa sunhwadong@koreatimes.co.kr

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