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Was 'Fake Men' Lieutenant Ken Rhee all FAKE? [VIDEO]

Video by Oh Jung-meen

To pick one of the most popular figures in South Korea these days, this person should not be missed.

Captain Ken Rhee, a former UDT, is the hottest person on YouTube nowadays.

Overseas viewers might be familiar with Captain Ken Rhee, as he appeared on BBC's reality television show called [Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week Series 2] in 2018.

As a former UDT(Underwater Demolition Team)/SEAL(Special Warfare Squadron), he appeared on the popular YouTube series called [Fake men] which made him instantly popular in South Korea.

He has since starred in numerous Korean entertainment TV programs and commercials.

However, Rhee has recently been embroiled in multiple scandals.

Followed by his debt allegations, netizens have claimed that Rhee faked his career at the UN (United Nations) and holds a criminal record of sexual harassment. Companies that casted Captain Rhee as their commercial models also took a huge blow from the incident.

On Oct 14th, Captain Rhee's commercial picture covering his face with a sheet of paper was a huge issue on some online communities.

Captain Rhee made an official apology on his YouTube channel, denying the allegation that he faked his UN career but admitting sexual assault charges against him and that he received a court fine of 2 million won.

The controversy surrounding Captain Rhee is still ongoing and the entire episodes of YouTube series 'Fake Man' starring Lee has been deleted.

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