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Writer behind successes of 'Mr. Sunshine,' 'Guardian' to lead new fantasy romance series

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TVING's new series
TVING's new series "Write Your Destiny," created by the star writer Kim Eun-sook, will hit the streaming site on March 26. Courtesy of TVING

By Lee Gyulee

Kim Eun-sook, the star writer behind the mega-hit series "Descendants of The Sun," "Mr. Sunshine" and "Guardian: The Lonely and Great God," is set to launch a new series ― this time as a creator.

TVING, a streaming platform co-run by CJ ENM and JTBC, announced the release of its new original series "Write Your Destiny" Friday, sharing that Kim has taken part as the executive creator.

The fantasy romance series will premiere on the streaming site on March 26.

"Write Your Destiny is our very first original drama," the platform said. "We are holding high hopes as it has the best team of production crew and unique cast full of rising stars."

The story will revolve around Shin Ho-yoon (Ki Do-hoon), a god who has the power to predetermine the fate of every human, and Jeon So-nee (Go Che-kyeong), a scriptwriter who is famous for writing "makjang" dramas ― a term for series with extremely sensational storylines.

Ho-yoon unexpectedly starts to develop a romantic relationship with So-nee as he writes stories for the lives of some people by using her drama plots.

Led by director Kim Byung-soo, who has a record of directing fantasy series such as "Queen and I" (2012) and "Nine" (2013), the series will be scripted under the direction of head writer Eun Sun-woo, whose previous work include romantic comedy series "My Princess" (2011).

Lee Gyu-lee

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