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Astro to globally release first film highlighting its concert

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By Lee Gyu-lee

K-pop boy group Astro's first movie, "STARGAZER: ASTROSCOPE," about the group's recent concert, will be released soon around the world, starting in Korea in October.
A poster for K-pop boy group Astro's first movie
A poster for K-pop boy group Astro's first movie "STARGAZER: ASTROSCOPE" / Courtesy of JIB Company
The new film will document the group's third concert series, which was held in Seoul on May 28 and 29. It was Astro's first concert in almost four years since their last one in 2018.

The film will have exclusive behind-the-scenes stories of their performances, as well as footage of the members preparing for the show. It will also have individual interviews, including with MJ who is currently serving his mandatory military service, speaking candidly about their careers and their fans.

The film will follow not only the group's concert performance but also will include unique solo performances from the individual members. It will also have credit cookies that have never been shared before.

The group consisting of MJ, JinJin, Moonbin, Rocky, Sanha, and Cha Eun-woo debuted with the song "Spring Up" in 2016. The group has released a string of hit songs, including "Crazy Sexy Cool," "Baby" and "Confession."

Tickets for the film will go on sale Oct. 7.

Lee Gyu-lee

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