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Jin of BTS to fulfill mandatory military service from end of this year

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By Kim Rahn

Jin, the oldest member of K-pop juggernaut BTS, will begin his compulsory military duty soon, the group's agency, Big Hit Music, said, Monday.

The announcement comes amid ongoing discussions at the National Assembly on revising the Military Service Act to exempt the seven members of the boy band from military service to recognize their contribution to the country's culture industry, or at least to partially allow their group activities during the service.

The agency and Jin, who is 30 years old, have delayed his conscription until the end of this year according to a 2020 revision to the Military Service Act, which allows a person in the entertainment industry to postpone the draft until the age of 30 if the person has received state medals and the culture minister recommends him for the postponement for his contribution to elevating national prestige.

Lee Min-young

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