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Mirae Asset chairman to be awarded International Executive of the Year

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By Yoon Ja-young
Mirae Asset Group Chairman Park Hyeon-joo / Courtesy of Mirae Asset Group

Mirae Asset Group Chairman Park Hyeon-joo / Courtesy of Mirae Asset Group

Mirae Asset Group funder and Chairman Park Hyeon-joo will be awarded the International Executive of the Year by the Academy of International Business (AIB) at its annual meeting scheduled in Seoul next month.

Established in the U.S. state of Michigan in 1959, the AIB is the largest conference in the field of international management. It consists of world-renowned scholars and experts, with over 3,400 members from about 90 countries around the world.

It has been presenting the International Executive of the Year Award to business leaders who have significantly improved corporate reputation and performance on the international stage.

Park is the second-ever Korean entrepreneur in 28 years to receive the award. His innovative leadership in developing Mirae Asset Group into a global top-tier investment bank was recognized by the AIB, according to the group.

The chairman is also scheduled to deliver a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the AIB's annual international conference in Seoul in July, where he will be presented with the award.

Mirae Asset Group has expanded its global business to a scale of $100 billion, an achievement made 20 years after it started going beyond the Korean market. Serving as the group's global strategy officer, Park has concentrated on overseas business. He led the acquisition of GlobalX, which is a leader in the U.S. innovation-themed exchange-traded fund market, as well as the acquisition of GHCO in the United Kingdom.

Most recently, Mirae Asset Securities secured a new growth engine by acquiring Indian brokerage firm Sharekhan for $360 million, preparing for the new global operation for the next 20 years.

"Since its establishment, Mirae Asset has been pioneering new paths beyond the domestic market, leading Korea's financial exports. We will continue innovation through investment and global business," a Mirae Asset Group spokesperson said.

"With us, our customers will see their wealth increase and enjoy a cozy life after retirement," the chairman said.

Yoon Ja-young


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