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BlockSquare Seoul to enhance crypto price analysis service

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A Bitcoin logo is displayed outside a cryptocurrency exchange in Hong Kong, April 15. AFP-Yonhap

A Bitcoin logo is displayed outside a cryptocurrency exchange in Hong Kong, April 15. AFP-Yonhap

By Lee Yeon-woo

BlockSqaure Seoul, a firm offering cryptocurrency price prediction services, announced on Friday that it will introduce enhanced market analysis functions starting in July.

The company has been providing real-time insights into cryptocurrency market trends and movements to its users through its service, Retri. This includes analyzing cryptocurrency prices and trading volumes in the market to suggest optimal buy and sell times.

From July, the price prediction chart service will offer more precise real-time data on cryptocurrency price predictions. Previous predictions were based on hourly data, but the new version plans to utilize more recent figures. The company also said new price graph indicators will be included to enhance user convenience.

Another update includes a dual-function feature that provides two predicted prices for a cryptocurrency. This feature aims to promptly reflect price changes following sudden spikes or drops.

The update will also provide investors with additional features to better understand the overall cryptocurrency market.

Currently, the service tracks price fluctuations of over 200 cryptocurrencies, categorized into two groups based on whether their prices have risen or fallen over a five-minute period. It also provides information on the dominance, or market share, of digital tokens such as Bitcoin and Tether.

The upgraded version will include market share information for major coins such as Ethereum and other altcoins, enabling investors to monitor the overall asset flow across different cryptocurrency markets.

"BlockSqaure Seoul provides in-depth analysis of the cryptocurrency market within legal boundaries," an official from BlockSqaure Seoul said. "This update focuses on enhancing convenience for our 20,000 paid Retri users across 23 countries."

Lee Yeon-woo


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