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China's influence on North Korea grows

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's latest visit to China suggests Beijing's growing influence on the denuclearization talks, analysts said Wednesday. Kim made a two-day visit to China from Tuesday to Wednesday and met Chinese President Xi Jinping. It was his third trip to the longtime ally in three months; while the Chinese president has not yet visited Pyongyang. Kim's two earlier visits were made before his meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, as if he and Xi had strategic get-togethers about the denuclearization deal with the U.S.

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Multicultural children still face discrimination at schools

Children with multicultural backgrounds still face discrimination at school, according to experts and schoolteachers. Kim Hye-young, 32, a Korean language teacher at Guro Middle School, says multicultural children at her school often face discrimination from classmates.

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Koreans buying more shares of Amazon, Facebook

More Koreans are opening global accounts with domestic brokerages to buy foreign stocks, providing a lucrative source of income for securities firms.

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Jeju offers work for Yemeni refugees

Many Yemeni asylum seekers see Jeju Island as something close to the last beacon of hope in their tiring journey for survival and a new life. Esmail Alqublani, 36, is now on Jeju after leaving the Yemini city of Ibb for Malaysia, where he bought a one-way ticket to Korea. “I left Yemen after receiving phone calls from someone threatening to kidnap and assault me,” he said.

Korea's major crypto exchange Bithumb hacked; coins worth $32 million stolen

South Korea’s major cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb was hacked and an estimated 35 billion won ($31.51 million) worth of coins were stolen, the Seoul-based exchange said on Wednesday. The company said the cyberattack took place between Tuesday night and early Wednesday. It has suspended all services, including coin deposits and withdrawals. The suspension will continue until it issues a notice of resuming services.

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Pernod Ricard suffers from labor-management distrust

Pernod Ricard Korea (PRK) is facing worsening labor-management relations, amid the slump in the nation's Scotch whisky market. Since the PRK union alleged earlier this month that a company executive verbally abused and sexually harassed his subordinates, the management has apparently shown no signs of attempting to resolve the dispute. According to industry officials, Wednesday, PRK CEO Jean Touboul, who has been criticized for his attitude toward the union, has been embroiled in another controversy for his friendly relations with the allegedly abusive executive.

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