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Movie about real-life Korean 'double' agent becomes box office hit

“The Spy Gone North” revolves around Park Chae-seo, a spy for the South in the 1990s at the height of inter-Korean rivalry. Park went by the codename “Black Venus.”The movie, directed by Yoon Jong-bin, is an adaptation of journalist Kim Dang's namesake novel. The fictitious Park Seok-young is the protagonist in the movie.

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Lotte World neglects treating heat stroke-suffering mascot actor

A part-time performer wearing a furry mascot suit at Lotte World fainted after suffering heat stroke and was left for an hour without being treated last month, MBC news reported Monday.

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Which country offers fastest fixed broadband speed?

Singapore beat Hong Kong to top the charts for the fastest fixed broadband speeds globally for the 12th time in a row.

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[Reporter's Notebook] Please leave pink seats vacant for pregnant women

“Please leave pink seats empty for pregnant women, including those who don't show signs due to their early stages of pregnancy.” This recorded reminder is regularly made by a PA system on the subway: How do commuters heed this message? One day recently, I rode subway to find out more. A 15-hour observation shows those color seats in the subway often do not serve those they are intended for. I only saw one pregnant woman take the pink seat during those long hours. On other occasions, the seats were taken by others and rarely left vacant.

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Unchecked BMW cars to be banned from roads

BMW cars that are subject to a recall but haven't undergone emergency safety checks will be banned from streets and highways, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said Tuesday. The unprecedented measure is to ease growing public concerns over a series of engine fires mostly involving BMW's diesel-engine vehicles. Among BMW's 106,317 cars of 42 models, which will be recalled on Aug. 20, 27,246 have not undergone safety checks as of Monday, according to the ministry.

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Court clears ex-Gov. An Hee-jung of sex abuse charges

A lower court on Tuesday found former South Chungcheong Province Gov. An Hee-jung not guilty of sexually abusing his former secretary.

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