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Korea's Kim Hyun-chong dilemma

With the expiration of a military-intelligence sharing pact between Seoul and Tokyo only days away, the U.S. is intensifying its pressure on South Korea to maintain the agreement for security cooperation. More Koreans are concerned Cheong Wa Dae's August announcement of its intention to end the General Security of Information Agreement (GSOMIA) in response to Japan's July trade restrictions has resulted in a rift in the Korea-U.S. alliance. Such concerns have triggered debates about Kim Hyun-chong, the second deputy director of the presidential National Security Office (NSO), and his brand of diplomacy.

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[INTERVIEW] 'Individuals can become sales channels'

Lee Seung-woo created online used goods marketplace Joonggonara in 2003 with two other friends on Naver Cafe, an online community site operated by the nation's largest internet portal.

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'What if today is my last day?'

If today was the last day on earth, would people live their lives differently? Would they have any regrets and think of the things that they could have done better? “Probably,” says photographer Hong San, noting that this inspired her to initiate her own project of capturing “memorial pictures” of young people.

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Lawmakers head for Washington on defense cost issue

Floor leaders of the major political parties headed to Washington D.C., Wednesday (KST), for scheduled meetings with senior officials on Capitol Hill and high-ranking U.S. government personnel after negotiations between Seoul and Washington over the cost-sharing for stationing U.S. troops here were broken off.

Maturity helps multicultural student overcome hardship

Kim Jae-ryeol, a sophomore at Hyunpung High School in Daegu, looks no different from any 18-year-old Korean boy. But there is something that makes Kim special and different: He is exceptionally mature for his age.

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