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Shaved-ice desserts pack calorie punch

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Tous Les Jours' 'green tea snow-loving' bingsu / Yonhap
Tous Les Jours' 'green tea snow-loving' bingsu / Yonhap

It is the time of year when you cannot get enough of bingsu ­_ a shaved-ice dessert.

But there is a sting _ they can contain as much as half the calories you need daily.

Among 32 bingsus offered at bakeries, coffee and fast food chains, Caffe Bene's "Choco Devil" bingsu (926 grams) tops the list at 1,312 kilocalories.

Next are the coffee chain's cookies and cream bingsu (823 grams), containing 1,249 kilocalories, red bean bingsu (830 grams) with 1,059 kilocalories and green tea tower bingsu (803 grams) with 1,146 kilocalories.

Contrary to expectations, green tea bingsus are also loaded with calories.

Tous Les Jours' "green tea snow-loving" bingsu (690 grams) has 905 kilocalories and Ediya Coffee's version, "Ice Real," 772 kilocalories.

The cheese strawberry bingsu and ice mint choco bingsu at Ediya Coffee contain 804 kilocalories and 800 kilocalories, respectively.

Tous Les Jours' "red bean snow-loving" bingsu has 775 kilocalories, followed by Lotteria's jelly bingsu at 737 kilocalories and Angel-in-us' ripe persimmon bingsu at 720 kilocalories.

Angel-in-us' citrus grapefruit bingsu had the lowest calorie content with 260 kilocalories.

Kim Bo-eun

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