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T-ARA to star in new web drama

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T-ARA / Courtesy of MBK Entertainment
T-ARA / Courtesy of MBK Entertainment

K-pop idol girl band T-ARA will star in six-part web drama "Sweet Temptation," slated to air on SBS MTV and Naver in October. It also will be shown in China.

The six members of T-ARA -- Bo-ram, Q-RI, So-yeon, Eun-jung, Hyo-min and Ji-yeon -- will play leading roles. Various K-pop songs will feature as will Chinese actors.

"We are making every effort to promote K-pop globally and have great expectations for ‘Sweet Temptation,'" said Kim Sang-baik, a director at SBS MTV.

The drama is made for Chinese fans and its theatrical cut will be released in Hong Kong later.

In the first episode, "My girlfriend in fantasy," So-yeon appears with actor Lee Joong-moon. In the second episode, "It's raining when you fall in love," Hyo-min stars with Hyun-woo. "Black Holiday," the third episode, stars Q-RI with actor Jang Su-won. "Only for you," the fourth episode, stars Eun-jung with actor Kim Jae-wook. In the fifth, "Love Recipe," Bo-ram and actor Kim Si-whoo appear. "Resurrection," the final episode, stars Ji-yeon with Seo Joon-young.

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