2017-10-28 13:00
Wild boars storm university
By Park Si-soo

Dozens of wild boars stormed a university in northern Seoul on Wednesday, terrifying students and damaging some facilities.

Nobody was hurt by the wild animals, believed to have descended from nearby Mount Bukhan. Security guards at Seoul Women’s University are on alert because the boars can reappear at any time to find food. They appear more frequently in winter.

The university said nearly 20 boars were seen in front of the College of Humanities at around 1:15 a.m. Wednesday.

A janitor, the first to see them, said it was the “biggest in scale” he had seen on campus. The school called in hunters with rifles the next day, but the boars had returned to the mountain.

In metropolitan area, wild boars are classified as “hazardous” animals and licensed hunters are allowed to catch or shoot them.

Footage from surveillance cameras shows six adult and 10 baby boars roaming around the campus that night. But witnesses said there were more.

Seoul City has received 232 complaints about wild boars by September this year, and captured 61.

The school asked students and employees not to walk around the campus late at night, especially in areas linked to Mount Bukhan.