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Korean way of recycling The Korea Times [PHOTOS]

The Ministry of Finance and Strategy uses The Korea Times as a table cover to eat the pizza sent by President Moon Jae-in on Wednesday. / Yonhap

By Chyung Eun-ju

Ever tired of cleaning up after a delicious meal?

In Korea, newspapers are not only for reading but also great as disposable table covers, as workers at the Ministry of Finance and Strategy (MOFS) discovered when President Moon Jae-in sent them hundreds of pizzas on Wednesday.

Actually, there are many uses for newspapers, such as absorbing excess oil on food or on dishes, storing fruits and vegetables, sharpening kitchen knives, wrapping a sweet potato for the microwave and storing shoes, among others.

The pizzas were sent from Pizza Maru in Sejong City. / Yonhap

But one of the most popular uses for newspapers is as table covers, as it makes cleaning up easy.

Employees cheer with pizza on Wednesday. / Yonhap

The ministry subscribes to The Korea Times, the country's first English daily, and was spotted reusing the daily as a table cover.

MOFS employees received 350 pizzas from the President Moon on Wednesday to celebrate the successful passage of the 2018 budget plan.

Ministry employees enjoy the 350 pizzas sent by the President. / Yonhap
Chyung Eun-ju

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