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US broadcaster calls 'P.F. Chang' host of Winter Olympics

Chicago's ABC affiliate WLS-Ch. 7 confuses PyeongChang with P.F. Chang's on a Saturday morning broadcast. / Captured from the Chicago Tribune

By Park Si-soo

Ignorance or the lack of care?

Following the American TV network NBC's major blunder of identifying PyeongChang as being in North Korea in its coverage of the Winter Olympics opening ceremony, another U.S. broadcaster misspelled the host city as "P.F. Chang."

Chicago's ABC affiliate WLS ran a graphic with the text "P.F. Chang 2018" during a broadcast on Saturday morning (local time). A capture of the footage has gone viral.

P.F. Chang's is a Chinese restaurant chain with more than 200 outlets across the U.S., according to the Chicago Tribune. The graphic also butchered the Olympic logo, displaying four rings instead of five.

The Chicago Tribune reported that WLS created the graphic for a "different satirical piece" in which viewers came up with their own Olympic sports, but for some reason was used on the "serious news story."

The ABC affiliate formally apologized for the incident.

Meanwhile, P.F. Chang, which saw its name promoted globally with the gaffe, reacted humorously, leaving a message on Twitter: "Contrary to this broadcast, we're not hosting the games."

Park Si-soo

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