Kim Sae-ron apologizes for her alleged DUI incident

Actress Kim Sae-ron / Courtesy of Goldmedalist

By Lee Gyu-lee

Kim Sae-ron's agency, Goldmedalist, has issued an apology on behalf of the actress following news reports of her crashing her car under the influence, saying that she regrets her bad behavior.

"We are truly sorry for causing concern with the incident that Kim Sae-ron caused while drunk driving," it said in a release, Thursday. "Kim is deeply reflecting on her misconduct. (She) expresses her sincere apologies toward everyone who was affected because of this event … and has promised that she will do her best to make up the damage."

The 21-year-old actress made headlines Wednesday after getting caught driving under the influence on a street in southern Seoul at around 8 a.m. She allegedly bumped into several street lamp posts and guardrails with her car, eventually driving into an electrical transformer box on the sidewalk, which caused a power outage at 57 shops in the surrounding area for three hours.

According to the police, she refused to undergo a sobriety test and requested to take a blood test for alcohol concentration, so police officers took her to a nearby hospital for the test. The police said they will decide on the charges when the test results come out in about a week.

Kim, who debuted as a child actor in 2009, made a name for herself after playing a supporting role in the award-winning action film, "The Man from Nowhere," in 2010.

She has been filming Netflix's new series, "Bloodhounds," and was scheduled to star in SBS' new series, "Trolley." After the incident, SBS said Kim's agency offered to take her out of "Trolley" along with providing an apology, and the broadcaster accepted the offer. The production team of the Netflix series said they are discussing the issue.
Lee Gyu-lee

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