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35th Korea Dance Festival to promote peace

The dance
The dance "One" by choreographer Jung Bo-kyung of Lim Hak Sun Dance We / Courtesy of Hanfilm

By Park Ji-won

The Korea Dance Festival, an annual choreography festival held since 1985, will kick off April 21 at the ???????? ?????? ???????????? and Dongduk Women's University. This year's event will run through May 1 with the themes of peace and coexistence amid the ongoing COOVID-19 pandemic.

Under the title "Good Dance-Gut ― Dance for peace and coexistence," the festival will showcase 25 works on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Korean Dance Association, its organizer.

"We decided to deliver good or ritual-like performances hoping to deliver messages of peace, prosperity, equality and cooperation for the people hit by COVID-19," Lee Mi-young, chairwoman of the Korean Dance Association, said in a press release.

In addition to performances based on traditional dance forms such as ritual performances from the UNESCO-designated Gangneung Danoje Festival, to celebrate the anniversary, traditional Korean dancers including the association's leaders Lim Hak-seon, Yun Deok-kyung and Baek Hyun-soon will perform.

On the sidelines of the event, a dance competition will be held to select the two best choreographed works which will be also showcased in the next festival.

Park Ji-won jwpark@koreatimes.co.kr


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