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5 out-of-this-world stays for tourists seeking fantasy

By Jun Ji-hye

For those who have always dreamed of being able to travel into space, the news that a space hotel will open to the world in 2027 means that this fantasy will soon turn into a reality.

The Gateway Foundation, based in California, has recently announced its plan to open the first hotel in space, named 'Voyager Station.'

The planet-orbiting hotel is set to be constructed by Orbital Assembly Corp., which calls itself "the world's first large-scale space construction company," beginning from 2026.

The company said that the ring-shaped hotel is expected to accommodate up to 440 people, and possesses gravity equivalent to one-sixth of the Earth's.

According to a Booking.com survey of around 22,000 travelers around the world, including 1,000 Koreans, almost half of them ― 42 percent of Korean travelers and 41 percent of global tourists ― have expressed excitement about the prospect of space travel.

To celebrate this exciting milestone in space travel, the global online travel agency has picked five "out-of-this-world" accommodations that will allow travelers to feel "outer space" without ever leaving the Earth's orbit.

Treehotel ― Harads, Sweden

Treehotel in Harads, Sweden / Courtesy of Booking.com
Treehotel in Harads, Sweden / Courtesy of Booking.com

For a unique stay off the ground, it is recommended to venture to the Treehotel in Sweden, where a truly unique experience awaits.

This unique accommodation has seven rooms high up in the trees, 4 to 10 meters above the ground, depending on the room type.

Among all the rooms with unique names, such as "The Mirrorcube," which has mirror facades, and "The Bird's Nest" room, which looks like a nest, "The UFO" surely offers the surreal excitement of space travel.

Guests will also be kept entertained with various activities, no matter what season it is, from hiking and kayaking to snowmobiling and ice fishing.

Galaxy Pod Hostel ― Reykjavik, Iceland

Galaxy Pod Hostel in Reykjavik, Iceland / Courtesy of Booking.com
Galaxy Pod Hostel in Reykjavik, Iceland / Courtesy of Booking.com

The Galaxy Pod Hostel, located in Iceland's capital of Reykjavik, is perfect for experiencing life inside a spaceship headed out into the universe.

This affordable hostel offers mixed dormitory rooms and futuristically designed sleeping capsules.

At the VR arcade, equipped with Google Earth VR, guests can plan their next trip to explore the surrounding landmarks without having to leave the comfort of their pods.

Barcelo Sants ― Barcelona, Spain

Barcelo Sants in Barcelona, Spain / Courtesy of Booking.com
Barcelo Sants in Barcelona, Spain / Courtesy of Booking.com

Centrally situated above Barcelona's Sants train station, the Barcelo Sants is a perfect place for space lovers, with its cosmic galaxy theme throughout the hotel.

During their stay, guests can choose between two restaurants named after elements of the universe ― Oxygen and Hydrogen ― serving everything from a healthy buffet to avant-garde cuisine.

Then after dinner, it is recommended to stop by the Orbital Bar for a selection of out-of-this-world cocktails.

Hotel Limpia ― Fort Davis, US

Fort Davis is recommended for space lovers who want to get a sense of life out in the galaxies.

Located around 1,500 meters above sea level, it is ideal for star-gazing due to its remote location and expansive skies.

Its unique landscape of wide-open spaces and piercing rock formations makes this destination breathtaking day and night.

Hotel Limpia offers a range of rooms and suites for those looking to visit Fort Davis.

Barkala Farmstay ― Coonabarabran, Australia

Known as the astronomy capital of Australia, Coonabarabran in Warrumbungle Shire is home to Siding Spring, the country's premier optical and infrared observatory.

Nestled amongst the Warrumbungles ― a mountain range ― the observatory has several telescopes, including the world-famous 3.9-meter Anglo-Australian Telescope, allowing guests to take a closer look at space.

When visiting the region, the Barkala Farmstay is the perfect spot to sit on the veranda and look up at the dazzling night sky, to take in the immense amount of stars.

This accommodation also features an outdoor pool and barbecue facilities.

Jun Ji-hye jjh@koreatimes.co.kr


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