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BMW Korea attracts customers with luxury services

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BMW Korea's flagship sport utility vehicle model X7, left, is on display at BMW Excellence Lounge in Busan in June. Courtesy of BMW Korea
BMW Korea's flagship sport utility vehicle model X7, left, is on display at BMW Excellence Lounge in Busan in June. Courtesy of BMW Korea

By Kim Jae-heun

BMW Korea's successful marketing of luxury customer services is paying off, as its sales of flagship models between January and July this year skyrocketed 174 percent compared to 2020.

The Korean branch of the German carmaker sold a total of 4,761 luxury cars, including the 7 Series, the 8 Series and the X7.

In particular, its sales volume of the flagship sedan 7 Series has increased by 188 percent in the same period. For its flagship sports utility vehicle, BMW Korea already sold 2,579 X7 cars in the first half of this year, which is only 90 short from last year's total sales volume. BMW's top-level coupe line-up 8 Series also sold 26 percent more cars between January and July of this year compared to last year.

BMW Korea points out that its premium customer service helped lift its business performance.

The German carmaker offers the premium membership program, "BMW Excellence Club," to its flagship model owners. The BMW Excellence Club is also divided into membership categories: the Lifestyle Program and the All Inclusive Program. Customers can choose between the two.

The Lifestyle Program includes a variety of BMW original special services that are more convenient to customers in their daily lives, while the All Inclusive Program offers ample service benefits for maintenance after purchasing a vehicle.

This year, the BMW Excellence Club's Lifestyle Program has further strengthened its premium customer service experience. First of all, BMW's special "Handover Ceremony" is now provided free of charge. BMW is the only carmaker that has this system, where customers will receive their new car in the delivery zone. They have the opportunity to drive flagship models at the company's racing circuit and receive gifts after dining at the BMW Driving Center in Incheon.

Flagship model purchasers can choose the "Driving Academy" program instead of the "Handover Ceremony," where they will be trained one-on-one on the details of their new car and its performance abilities at the BMW Driving Center.

In addition, BMW Excellence Club members can park their cars at the BMW Driving Center in Incheon and get free taxi ride services to Incheon International Airport, for three years after the date that they receive their new flagship cars.

BWM Korea has strengthened the benefits of the All Inclusive Program with regard to vehicle maintenance. It provides the first car service for free.

Customers also receive a free pass for vehicle inspections on a priority basis. If the check-up service period exceeds two days, customers are provided with a BMW luxury-class customer car for the period of service. Once repaired, BWM staff will deliver the car to their home as well.

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