ENHYPEN talks about desires, dilemmas in new album 'DIMENSION : DILEMMA' - Korea Times
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ENHYPEN talks about desires, dilemmas in new album 'DIMENSION : DILEMMA'

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K-pop boy group ENHYPEN performs during an online press event Tuesday. Courtesy of Belift Lab
K-pop boy group ENHYPEN performs during an online press event Tuesday. Courtesy of Belift Lab

By Dong Sun-hwa

For the members of rookie K-pop idol group ENHYPEN, showbiz was ― and still is ― far more complex and chaotic than they had ever expected. And they talk about their confusion and dilemmas in their first studio album, "DIMENSION : DILEMMA," which was released Tuesday afternoon.

"The new world that we faced after making our debut was much more complicated than we had thought," member Jungwon said during an online press conference Tuesday, which took place a few hours ahead of the album's release.

"We had two conflicting desires in mind ― the desire to grow up as a team and the desire to have some time alone. On top of that, we wanted to win people's hearts, but sometimes, we wanted to avoid getting their attention. These kinds of quandaries can be observed in our new tracks."

"We are so glad to kick off a new chapter with our first full-length album, which centers on the diverse emotions we felt after our debut," he said.

The album starts off with "Tamed-Dashed," a new-wave song with a 1980s vibe. It asks ENHYPEN members a headache-inducing question: should they follow their own desires? Or should they simply get rid of them?

"Tamed-Dashed has a brighter mood compared to our previous releases," Sunghoon said. "It provides a refreshing vibe."

Sunoo elaborated, "I am fond of this piece because ENHYPEN can display its unexplored side."

"DIMENSION : DILEMMA," the first part of the "DIMENSION" series, offers seven other tunes, including: "Upper Side Dreamin'," "I Didn't Know" and "Go Big or Go Home," as well as "Blockbuster" that features guest rapper Yeonjun of K-pop boy group Tomorrow X Together (TXT). Both ENHYPEN and TXT are represented by HYBE, which also houses global sensation BTS.

"We needed a rap for Blockbuster, as it is a song with powerful energy," Heeseung said. "With his passion, Yeonjun has taken this tune to the next level… In fact, it was our first time to collaborate with another artist and we are truly thankful to him."

Only about a year has passed since ENHYPEN burst onto the music scene last year with the album, "BORDER : DAY ONE," but it is already gaining traction globally. In the case of "DIMENSION : DILEMMA," it has racked up a whopping 920,000 pre-orders.

"I think our music has played the central role in raising our profile," Sunoo said. "We have always attempted to deliver our sincere feelings via our songs."

Heeseung added, "It seems our followers love the synergy we create as one team."

Asked about ENHYPEN's goals, Sunoo said, "We want to perform well on the music streaming charts and win a music show. We also want to earn people's recognition for our music and performances."

ENHYPEN members, the winners of Mnet's audition program, "I-LAND" (2020), also sent a message of encouragement to the female contenders of the second season of "I-LAND," which is scheduled to hit the air next year.

"I think it is crucial for them to reveal their determination," Jay said. "I hope all of them get their best results on the show."

Dong Sun-hwa sunhwadong@koreatimes.co.kr

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