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Everything about being a black model in Korea

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By Lee Min-young, Kim Kang-min

Renee Simone from New Jersey tells you everything about working as a black model in Korea.

She is an extremely talented model who has been working in the industry for more than two years.

"More foreigners are coming to Korea and more people are realizing that you can't say you're about diversity and want diversity but not work with diverse people. Having me as a model is a step in at least the diverse direction because I'm a bit darker than all the other models that they've had." Renee said during an interview with The Korea Times.

But she also says that Korea is very homogeneous although it's getting better. "I have different hair texture and I understand if a stylist has never worked with my hair texture before so usually, majority of the time, I don't get any styling for my shoots." She recalls some of the unpleasant experiences during shoots.

Lee Min-young minlee@koreatimes.co.kr
Kim Kang-min ymloo3@koreatimes.co.kr

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