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ARMYs begin to boycott BTS's controversial comeback song

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By Dong Sun-hwa

Some fans of K-pop juggernaut BTS are boycotting the group's upcoming anthology album "Proof," as it includes a song written by Bobby Chung, who is suspected of sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend and filming an illegal sex video of her.

Chung, whose real name is Chung Dae-wook, is one of the composers behind "Filter," a Latin-style solo track by BTS member Jimin that dropped in 2020. The singer-songwriter, who also is credited on other BTS songs such as "Love Maze" (2018), is currently on trial after his ex-girlfriend, surnamed Song, filed a complaint against him for sexually assaulting her and filming an illegal sex video.

Regarding this situation, quite a few fans are pointing out that it is not appropriate to include "Filter" on BTS' upcoming release, which will hit shelves on June 10. Since BTS has been relaying anti-violence and anti-discrimination messages for many years through its music and content, a lot of followers believe the septet should remove "Filter" so as to show its sincerity. They say that BTS' reputation could be severely tarnished if the group and its management company, Big Hit Music, do not exclude it from "Proof."

Lee Min-young

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