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Musical 'Beethoven' to hit stage next year

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The musical,
The musical, "Beethoven," will premiere next year / Courtesy of EMK Musical

By Dong Sun-hwa

A musical about the legendary composer, Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827), is set to hit the stage next year.

Korean musical production company EMK Musical is planning to premiere "Beethoven" in January 2023, at the Seoul Arts Center. It will soon begin an audition to decide on the actors for different roles.

Musical "Beethoven" will recount the story of Beethoven ― an unconventional pianist who is known to have valued morality and honor ― and people surrounding him.

"Our show will highlight Beethoven's life as a musician and how he gets to find his inner self," EMK said in a statement, Monday. "We will make use of Beethoven's musical works to depict the different emotions of human beings."

"Beethoven" is the fourth original production by EMK, which previously produced, "Mata Hari," "The Man Who Laughs" and "Excalibur."

Wang Yong-beom, who was behind the success of hit musicals such as "Frankenstein," will direct the upcoming show with acclaimed German director Gil Mehmet, who is best known for his works, "Chicago" and "Catch Me If You Can." Lyricist Michael Kunze and composer Sylvester Levay ― the pair credited on "Rebecca" among others ― are also set to join the production team.

Dong Sun-hwa

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