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Former GFriend member Yuju sings on track for drama 'Kiss Sixth Sense'

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K-pop star Yuju released a song for the new Disney+ drama series
K-pop star Yuju released a song for the new Disney+ drama series "Kiss Sixth Sense." Courtesy of Arc Media, Hi-Hat

By Dong Sun-hwa

Yuju, a former member of K-pop act GFriend, has released "My Americano," a song included in the soundtrack of the new Disney+ series "Kiss Sixth Sense."

Characterized by upbeat tropical sounds and Yuju's velvety voice, "My Americano" hit multiple streaming platforms on Wednesday afternoon.

Based on the webnovel of the same name, "Kiss Sixth Sense" is a romance story starring Seo Ji-hye and Yoon Kye-sang. Seo plays Ye-sool, a woman who can see the future of a person who she kisses, while Yoon takes the role of Min-hoo, a man with "overdeveloped" five senses.

The drama is directed by Nam Ki-hoon, who took the helm of the 2018 series "Beauty Inside." It is penned by Jeon Yoo-ri, the writer behind the success of the 2018 drama "Radio Romance." The first episode of "Kiss Sixth Sense" was also released on Wednesday afternoon.

Yuju debuted with GFriend in 2015. Last year, she ended her contract with the group's management company Source Music and joined Konnect Entertainment, a record label founded by K-pop star Kang Daniel. She went solo in January with the album "REC," participating in the creative process of five tracks on the album including the lead single, "Play."

Dong Sun-hwa

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