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NongHyup Bank expands Dokdo-themed metaverse platform

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"Dokdo-Verse," a metaverse platform launched by NongHyup Bank / Courtesy of NongHyup Bank

By Yoon Ja-young

NongHyup Bank opened doors wider for its metaverse platform, "Dokdo-Verse," turning it into an open beta service.

"Dokdo-Verse" is a virtual space themed on the group of Korea's easternmost islets, Dokdo, where users can create their avatars and complete various missions, such as picking up litter or visiting a trekking trail.

The bank jointly launched the test service with fintech company Finger on March 2, open only to subscribers.

Some 36,500 people applied to join the metaverse platform last November, followed by 30,000 applications in January of this year. The users also received a "Dokdo-Verse" resident card in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT) early this month.

The bank's Dokdo branch in the virtual space also got some upgrading following the transition to open beta service. It also strengthened games within the metaverse, such as lucky draws.

The bank plans to launch "Dokdo-Verse" officially on Aug. 15, Liberation Day, after continuing to upgrade the service to be more fun and convenient, reflecting the demand of the users. It expects the virtual space to serve as its channel to communicate with the young generation, presenting its financial products and services.

"We launched 'Dokdo-Verse' to emphasize the special meaning of Dokdo for Koreans as well as to provide a different customer experience," NongHyup Bank CEO Kwon Jun-hak said.

"We will provide customers with new experiences by launching a range of services," he added.

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