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Buddhist order picks new chief in uncontested election

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Ven. Jinwoo / Yonhap
Ven. Jinwoo / Yonhap

A new chief of the Jogye Order, Korea's biggest Buddhist sect, was elected in an uncontested election Thursday, sources said.

Ven. Jinwoo was the only candidate for the 37th president of the Jogye Order and elected unopposed, according to the sources from the religious community.

As a result, the scheduled election at the Order's Central Council on Sept. 1 will not be held.

His election will be finalized after the Order's qualification review, slated for next Thursday.

If he passes the screening, Ven. Jinwoo will start his four-year term on Sept. 28, succeeding the current Executive Chief Ven. Wonhaeng.

It is the first time the Jogye Order has elected its chief through a single-winner uncontested election. The Buddhist sect adopted the system in 2019. (Yonhap)

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