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KB Kookmin Bank to release sports documentary

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A screenshot from
A screenshot from "Green Wolves," a sports documentary released by KB Kookmin Bank, shows Asnawi Mangkualam Baharkb, an Indonesian player for the Ansan Greeners FC in the K League 2, in an interview. Courtesy of KB Kookmin Bank

By Yoon Ja-young

KB Kookmin Bank is releasing documentary footage on a football team with which it has signed a promotion partnership.

Titled "Green Wolves," it focuses on the K League 2 team, the Ansan Greeners FC. It is scheduled to tell the history of the Ansan Greeners FC, a football club for local residents, as well as training for the athletes who aim to make it into the higher K League. The bank announced in a press release that it wants to spread a message of hope through realistic depictions of athletes who never stop tackling the challenges they face.

The documentary is especially focused on Asnawi Mangkualam Bahar, who is the first Indonesian professional footballer to play professionally for a Korean team. He is also the captain of the Indonesia national team. The documentary tells the behind story of how Asnawi came to join the K League as well as shows highlights from major matches.

The documentary released this time is comprised of four parts that are scheduled to be released one by one every Friday via KB Kookmin Bank's YouTube channel.

"We planned the documentary to communicate with fans of the Ansan Greeners FC as well as contributing to the development of sports activities in the region," a KB Kookmin Bank spokesperson said. "We are planning diverse events and programs to continue communicating with Indonesian and Korean football lovers while supporting the Ansan Greeners FC."

Since acquiring a stake and becoming the major shareholder of KB Bukopin, a mid-sized bank in Indonesia, KB has been focusing on improving its brand awareness in the Southeast Asian country. It held an Indonesia Fan Day event jointly with the Ansan Greeners FC in July, inviting Indonesian fans to take part. The bank plans to strengthen its foothold in Indonesia with its diverse and continuous services.

Yoon Ja-young

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