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NCSoft leads AI-powered ethical management

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By Lee Kyung-min

NCSoft, a local video game developer, is accelerating efforts to establish ethical management of artificial intelligence (AI) data, a principle defined by privacy, unbiasedness and transparency, the firm said Wednesday. The initiative is part of the environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) goals outlined by the IT industry player, the role of which in the rapid digital world is expanding to set standards for sustainable growth.

The firm has mapped out its "NC AI Ethics Framework," whereby smart technologies will be elevated to a "human-centered" solution provider and data operator.

Among the top considerations is privacy, a value with growing importance due to the frequent use of personal information online.

The firm says it protects user privacy and personal information when data is being used and processed, as enabled by corporate policies whereby data needed for AI learning is collected whereas personal information undergoes encryption.

Transparency will be maintained with full disclosure of how the machine-processed data is stored and operated, thereby helping users understand the final AI-mediated work product results.

The firm will seek to dispel the prevalent notion that AI cannot be trusted and is not for human understanding, as borne out by research work in recent years.

NC released over 10 AI research papers and open-source software code in 2021. Also disclosed were AI conversation datasets, or what it has been named, "FoCus Dataset," a contraction of the phrase, "For Customized Conversation Dataset."

The dataset provides information on the open sources from which AI learned and how to collect and process data.

NCSoft CSO Yoon Song-yi said the firm under her leadership will place greater emphasis on "having a new eye for technology."

"We need to establish the right AI ethics and change how young people in the industry should be nurtured," she said in a recent speech at Ewha Womans University. "Private sectors and academic institutions should continue efforts to better respond to the impact of AI on our society."

Lee Kyung-min

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