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Global forum on islands to be held in Shinan

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By Kang Seung-woo

The Global Islands Cultural Diversity Forum 2022 will be held in the southwestern county of Shinan, Thursday and Friday, which will discuss how to preserve and pass on the cultural diversity of islands.

The forum, organized by Shinan county, the Pacific Tourism Organization and the National Assembly Island Development Research Center, will invite some 30 experts in island culture, including Yolanda Perdomo, the former director of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Affiliate Members Program, and Gusde Namarupa, the head of the Badung Tourism Promotion Board-Bali. Four ministries, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will sponsor the two-day event.

Shinan is a unique county, comprised of 1,004 islands, the largest number among the nation's administrative districts. In addition, the World Tourism Organization selected Banwol Island, one of its islands, as one of its Best Tourism Villages in 2021. The island is known as the "Purple Island" because its residents painted their houses and other facilities purple, inspired by their native balloon flower or "doraji" in Korean.

"The island culture that has blossomed in an environment surrounded by the sea on all sides is the result of the wisdom and response of the islanders who have made the most of their infinite resources and creativity in an independent space. It is a treasure trove of value that must be protected first in the face of various crises," said Shinan Mayor Park Woo-ryang, who heads the organization committee.

The forum will be held under the themes of the cultural diversity of islands, sustainable tourism and response to climate change through various channels and methods of delivery such as lectures, workshops, exhibitions, performances and tour programs.

Kang Seung-woo

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