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Chun Woo-hee becomes chameleon con artist in 'Delightfully Deceitful'

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Actors Chun Woo-hee, left, and Kim Dong-wook pose during an online conference for the crime comedy series
Actors Chun Woo-hee, left, and Kim Dong-wook pose during an online conference for the crime comedy series "Delightfully Deceitful," Thursday. Courtesy of tvN

By Lee Gyu-lee

Actress Chun Woo-hee will portray con artist, Lee Ro-woom, in tvN's new crime comedy series "Delightfully Deceitful," which is set to go on air Monday.

"Ro-woom hatches different schemes to take revenge and in each case, she transforms into a different persona. You'll get to see various facades, from a prisoner to a career woman," the actress said during an online press conference for the series, Thursday.

The new series revolves around a clever con artist, Lee Ro-woom (Chun Woo-hee) who suffers from a distinct lack of empathy. One day, she is falsely implicated on charges of killing her estranged parents. She is exonerated after 10 years with the help of a passionate, highly empathetic lawyer, Han Moo-young (Kim Dong-wook).

The two come to form an unlikely alliance to fight against wrongdoers and exact revenge on them.

Chun shared that she was drawn to the irony of the plot. "The concept of the story about a cold-hearted con artist versus an overly empathetic lawyer is paradoxical. The tension that comes from that irony was very attractive," she said. "I felt that it would also have those interesting elements of a caper, in the crime genre. Above all, the biggest reason (I took the series) is that I can show various appearances with colorful transformations at once."

A scene from the series
A scene from the series "Delightfully Deceitful," Thursday. Courtesy of tvN

The series is led by director Lee Soo-hyun, whose previous work includes the 2020 crime drama "Find Me in Your Memory" and the 2022 rom-com "Shooting Star," and is written by newcomer, Han Woo-joo.

The director shared that the series will have a mixture of different genres, including crime and comedy.

"People ask me when I start a project what genre it is, and it was really tough to decide. The story mainly involves cooperating and scheming so it might sound like a crime genre series. But each character has their own backstory and their relationships are intertwined," she said. "When they carry out schemes it also will have black comedy so (the series) will have a mix of various genres. I hope viewers will look forward to how each character grows within this relationship."

Lee said taking on this series was a challenge and expressed satisfaction with the cast members.

"This was a huge challenge for me. Since I got to work with such great actors on the story that I wanted to tell, I put in a lot of effort while working on it. I have high hopes," she said, adding her focus was to make Chun's character relatable to viewers.

Chun Woo-hee plays the role of a con artist in the series
Chun Woo-hee plays the role of a con artist in the series "Delightfully Deceitful," Thursday. Courtesy of tvN

"My main purpose was to get the viewers to relate to and support these characters. If you don't know Lee Ro-woom's backstory, she might feel like a villain at first. I feel like once people get to understand why Ro-woom wants to get revenge so badly, they will be able to feel catharsis through her. So that was my focus," she said.

Chun said that she was happy with the chemistry between her character and Kim's character.

"Because they can't understand each other, they bicker a lot. Ro-woom is trying to get revenge but as the story goes, she changes as she goes through the process of healing and learning to sympathize," she said. "In the later part of the production, there was a scene where we are simply having a conversation and it just felt so comforting. I wish we had more scenes like it."

"Delightfully Deceitful" will air Mondays and Tuesdays at 8:50 p.m.

Lee Gyu-lee


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