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VIDEONew Hope club obsessing over Red Velvet Wendy and K-pop

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Video by Yun Da-been

British pop trio New Hope Club ― consisting of Reece Bibby, Blake Richardson and George Smith ― first turned heads in Korea in 2020 with its dance-pop track, "Know Me Too Well." The catchy song, featuring Mexican singer Danna Paola, clinched the No. 7 spot on the international music chart on Melon ― a major music streaming platform with some 7.5 million monthly active users.

A legion of listeners in Korea said they feel emotionally connected to the tune, which came from the opposite side of the planet. The band's next releases like "L.U.S.H." (2022) and "Getting Better" (2022) also succeeded in garnering positive reviews, helping it rev up its presence in the birthplace of K-pop.

Yun Da-been


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