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VIDEO8TURN reacts to what members truly think about each other

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Video by Yun Da-been

The 8-member boy group 8TURN (Myungho, Jaeyun, Minho, Yoonsung, Haemin, Kyungmin, Yungyu, Seungheon),
who recently made a comeback with "EXCEL" participated in an interview segment called "PICKTOK" on our POPKORN channel!

On our POPKORN channel's PICKTOK segment, K-pop group members listen to questions and write down the first thought or person that comes to their mind.

Various contents are captured in the video, ranging from individual talents where you can see the 8TURN's enthusiasm to heartfelt moments of praising each other for their dedication to the team.

Check out the video and see what the members of 8TURN truly think about each other.

Yun Da-been


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