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TEMPEST gears up to showcase fiery passion

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K-pop boy band TEMPEST poses during a press event at Roun Art Hall, western Seoul, Wednesday. Courtesy of Yuehua Entertainment

Rapid return fuels seven-member group's global ambitions
By Pyo Kyung-min

K-pop act TEMPEST is back with a bang, releasing their fifth single "Into the Tempest," Wednesday, just five months after their previous work. The seven-member group ― comprising Hanbin, Hyungseob, Hyuk, Eunchan, LEW, Hwarang and Taerae ― has been on a creative spree since its debut last year.

"The short term between new releases really speaks to the group members' eagerness," the group's leader LEW said during a press event held at Roun Art Hall, Yangcheon District, western Seoul, on the day of their return.

"We aim to return frequently to showcase our group's significance and connect with our fans through various concepts and songs."

With this release the group is focused on showcasing just that spirit. The album's title track "Vroom Vroom" encapsulates the group's unwavering drive to pursue their goals, akin to an unstoppable speeding car.

With their powerful performances drawing acclaim, the group is set to captivate fans once again with their stunning stage presence. Notably, dance crew We Dem Boyz, widely known for their participation in Mnet's 2022 reality competition show "Street Man Fighter," have contributed to the choreography of the title song.

Members Hwarang and Hanbin took center stage at the press event, proudly performing their "racing dance" movements, a highlight of the choreography.

The album also contains ear-pleasing gems, including tracks "DIVE" and "Bluetooth." Members Hwarang and LEW further boasted their versatility by contributing to writing the lyrics for all the tracks.

"I immerse myself in related videos and music while crafting lyrics. Inspiration for this album struck me as I delved into videos about Ford and Ferrari. I did some research on Ferrari's founder, Enzo Ferrari, and drew upon this knowledge to infuse it into the lyrics," Hwarang said, revealing his approach to lyric composition.

The song "Bluetooth" also holds a special place in the members' hearts as it represents their heartfelt endeavor to provide fans with a touching musical experience.

LEW explained, "While the title track signifies our determination and pursuit, the song 'Bluetooth' serves as a connection with our fans. Even when physically apart, we wish to stay tuned with our fans by fostering empathy and offering comfort through this track," conveying his deep affection for the song.

Hyungseob of K-pop boy band TEMPEST poses during a press event at Roun Art Hall, western Seoul, Wednesday. Courtesy of Yuehua Entertainment

With its mesmerizing performances and members' multifaceted talents, TEMPEST is ablaze with a fervent desire to showcase their passion and abilities.

"Each album we create is infused with our own life stories, the joys and sorrows of youth. We aim to express our collective aspirations while also engaging with our fans. As we strive towards our goals, we are determined to repay the love fans have shown us," member Hyungseob said.

LEW chimed in, "Our objective is to unveil the group's potential to a wider audience. We've been working hard on a tireless journey."

Addressing concerns that their fast-paced realease schedule might lead to exhaustion, LEW explained, "Contrary to the worries, the members and I were brimming with energy during the preparation for this release. I'm excited because there's so much we want to showcase."

Their ambition extends beyond Korea, with a determination to exhibit their talents on the global stage.

Hanbin expressed his desire to perform in his native Vietnam. "I aspire to visit every place where our diverse international fans reside and I hold a special dream of returning to my hometown in Vietnam. I yearn to meet our fans there and perform," he said.

Hyungseob added, "In the future, we will continue to deliver diverse performances not only on domestic music shows but also in locations like Macau, Tokyo and Saudi Arabia, showcasing our global presence."

Pyo Kyung-min


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