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Genesis GV80 Coupe looks to compete with Mercedes-Benz, BMW

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From left are the new Genesis GV80 and the GV80 Coupe. Courtesy of Hyundai Motor Group

GV80 facelift comes with 27-inch OLED screen
By Lee Min-hyung

Genesis has launched its much-anticipated GV80 Coupe featuring a dynamic yet balanced design identity. The vehicle is the first-ever sports utility coupe manufactured by the luxury automaker.

The high-end coupe SUV is the pinnacle of Genesis' commitment to developing a luxury SUV that succeeds its athletic elegance design philosophy in a bolder and sportier style, the company said Tuesday in a media preview event.

Genesis unveiled its concept model for the first time in April in New York.

The first impression regarding the vehicle is its balanced and dynamic silhouette. The company expects the luxury sports coupe to meet the growing demands of customers who seek more sporty and aggressive vehicles with stronger driving capabilities.

The GV80 Coupe is powered by a 3.5-liter twin-turbo engine. Customers will be able to enjoy a more dynamic driving experience with the 415-horsepower gasoline engine, Genesis said.

"Today marks a significant milestone in our audacious journey, as we introduce a dynamic GV80 Coupe that epitomizes style and emotion for both the drive and the driver," Genesis Chief Brand Officer Graeme Russell told reporters in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province. "Our Korean owners are amongst the most discerning luxury consumers in the world, and we are excited to embrace and fulfill their dynamic and evolving needs."

Genesis executives pose in front of the firm's GV80 Coupe displayed at Genesis Suji exhibition hall in Gyeonggi Province, Tuesday. From left are Lee Sang-yup, executive vice president and head of Hyundai and Genesis Global Design Center, Yoon Il-hun, vice president at Genesis Design Group, Ahn Se-jin, head of Genesis Project Division and Genesis Chief Brand Officer Graeme Russell. Courtesy of Genesis

The luxury vehicle also features a huge amount of storage space despite the coupe design, as the company equipped the GV80 Coupe with a foldable luggage shelf.

Genesis' GV80 Coupe offers six interior packages as a way to target diverse customers' tastes for unique yet exquisite interior design.

"The GV80 Coupe model adds a new facet to the Genesis brand, highlighting the dynamic and emotional exterior silhouette of a sports car complemented with a progressive interior that embodies Genesis' proprietary beauty of white space philosophy," the Genesis executive said during the media event.

On the same day, Genesis also unveiled its GV80 facelift model for the first time in three years and nine months after the company launched the luxurious SUV in December 2019. The upgraded model comes with a more advanced in-vehicle infotainment system, which the company expects will elevate customer experiences to a higher level. The facelift model is equipped with a 27-inch wide OLED display.

GV80 is an unmatched leader in Korea's luxury SUV industry. The vehicle is also drawing attention globally after the model became available to customers in January 2020. Its accumulated sales here and abroad topped 170,000.

Genesis will start selling the latest GV80 and GV80 Coupe on Oct. 11.

Lee Min-hyung


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