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INTERVIEWTaz Singh's dream comes true by starring in RM's 'Lost!' music video

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Actor Taz Singh / Courtesy of Taz Singh

Actor Taz Singh / Courtesy of Taz Singh

By Dong Sun-hwa

For Taz Singh, a U.K.-based actor of Indian origin, appearing in the music video of "Lost!" by K-pop behemoth RM of BTS was like a dream come true.

As a long-time fan of BTS and K-pop, he literally jumped for joy when he learned that he would be featured in the work of BTS' frontman, who is currently serving his compulsory military service. At first, Singh had no idea who he would team up with, as an audition that his London agent got him was highly confidential. He only knew that it was a project for a Korean artist, but still threw his hat in the ring and ended up getting the role.

"I did not know who I would be working with until the last minute," Singh recalled during a Zoom interview with The Korea Times, May 30. "So, it was a very big surprise when I heard that it was for RM. I was just full of joy at the moment."

In the "Lost!" music video unveiled on May 24, Singh assumes the role of a talk show host, who introduces RM's new song in both English and Korean. For him, this was one of his favorite projects so far, as the whole vibe of the set was "amazing." His first encounter with RM created indelible memories for him as well.

"RM is really cool and genuine," Singh, who is now filming for a project in Japan, said with a beaming smile. "He cares about others a lot. For instance, there was a time when he ordered all of us pizza by surprise ... He is also a passionate artist and he is all about the vibe. I would say his music can be healing and relatable to many people."

"Lost!" is the lead single of RM's second solo album, "Right Place, Wrong Person," which imparts a message of hope for those who feel like they are lost in their lives. Its five-minute music video, portraying RM stuck in a labyrinth of confusion and disorientation, has exceeded 7 million views on YouTube as of Tuesday, garnering rave reviews for its visual aesthetics and sincere message.

"I could relate to that message as well," Singh noted. "I think, as a human being, we all get lost at some points in our lives. We all have doubts and insecurities, but if you can still live true to yourself, it will be a huge achievement. I believe being yourself is the most important thing in life."

A scene from BTS leader RM's 'Lost!' music video featuring the K-pop star, center, and actor Taz Singh, right / Captured from YouTube

A scene from BTS leader RM's "Lost!" music video featuring the K-pop star, center, and actor Taz Singh, right / Captured from YouTube

Born to Punjabi parents in Britain, Singh grew up surrounded by many Korean and Asian friends during his school days. His close interaction with them naturally piqued his interest in Korean content, and he soon fell under the spell of Korean dramas like "Iris" (2009). After being fascinated by the actors in these series, Singh, who was a high academic achiever, decided to follow in their footsteps.

"I wanted to move other people in the way that these actors moved me," he said.

Actor Taz Singh / Courtesy of Taz Singh

Actor Taz Singh / Courtesy of Taz Singh

To date, he has appeared in various works, including the Italian series, "Sport Crime" (2022), and will also be featured in the upcoming Indian Hindi-language action thriller, "Tehran."

"When people are actually moved by my performance, it means a lot to me," he stressed. "All the heart-warming responses from the Indian fans of BTS, who told me they were so proud of me, made me realize that my appearance means so much to so many people."

He added, "They also made me feel very proud, giving me more fuel to the fire to work even harder and keep on trying my best."

Being an Indian-origin actor with long uncut hair, sometimes Singh is not considered for roles as people think his typecast is somewhat of a challenge. Nonetheless, he has recently done some works where he had his hair tied back or down, seizing the opportunities to diversify his acting repertoire.

"Breaking free from typecasting is possibly my current challenge," he said. "As an actor, I am trying to immerse myself into different roles and give them as much life as possible."

Actor Taz Singh / Courtesy of Taz Singh

Actor Taz Singh / Courtesy of Taz Singh

Singh, who just took his first step into the K-culture scene, hopes he can carve out his own niche in the industry. One of his biggest competitive edges is his ability to speak Korean — the language that he first started learning about a decade ago. In 2022, he even passed the Test of Proficiency in Korean, which the National Institute for International Education organizes.

"I like Korean as a language itself too, because it sounds nice and interesting," he said, adding that he can also speak Japanese and Chinese.

These days, the passionate actor is constantly expanding his horizons.

"I am currently working on securing a Korean drama for a (streaming service)," he revealed. "I have done the audition, but it has not been confirmed yet. So, we will just see how that goes. If I can get the chance to show my love for Korean entertainment and culture more in the future, that will be a blessing as an actor and as a human being."

Dong Sun-hwa


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