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South Korea strongly denounces Japanese aircraft's 'buzzing' destroyer

A Japanese maritime patrol aircraft carried out a low-altitude flight close to a South Korean warship Wednesday afternoon, in an apparent threat and provocation against the ally, according to the Ministry of National Defense. “The maritime patrol airplane flew at an altitude of 60 to 70 meters and about 540 meters away from the South Korean Navy's destroyer in waters near Ieodo, [a rock southwest of the southern island of Jeju] at around 2:03 p.m., Wednesday,” the ministry said.

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Protest continues over possible closure of Euljiro's historic eateries

“Former President Kim Dae-jung visited my restaurant 150 times,” Tak Seung-ho, 68, the owner of Yangmiok, said proudly in an interview inside his bustling cow intestine barbeque joint next to Euljiro 3-ga Station in central Seoul, Monday. “I can't believe they are trying to build apartments here, out of all the places in Seoul. It's not easy to build up a solid 60-year-old commercial district like this somewhere else you know.”

'SKY' graduates less visible in corporate world

The number of CEOs who have graduated from the country's top three universities has been dropping, as more listed companies are headed by those with diverse academic backgrounds, a recent survey showed Wednesday.

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Regulations drive tech firms out of Korea

Stringent regulations have been the biggest roadblock to launching an internet bank for Naver and other notable tech companies here, according to industry sources familiar with the situation. As a result, Naver has now officially announced it will not be interested in offering such a service, adding it will not attend a seminar hosted by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) on the latest regulatory changes for internet banking.

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Engine fires: BMW recalls 20,000 vehicles; 79,000 still under inspection

German luxury automaker BMW is recalling more than 20,000 vehicles in Korea amid safety fears. A BMW representative said Wednesday that it issued a recall for about 20,300 vehicles found to have a faulty intake manifold; 79,000 more are still under inspection for a possible recall.

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Appeals court upholds another wartime forced labor victim's compensation claim

A Seoul appellate court on Wednesday upheld another compensation claim by an elderly South Korean victim of Japan's wartime forced labor, ordering Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp. to pay her 100 million won (US$88,754). The appeals division of the Seoul Central District Court made the ruling in favor of Lee Choon-myeon, 88, who filed litigation accusing the Japanese company of forcing her to toil without pay in poor working conditions during World War II.

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