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Actor Jang speaks out about plans

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Actor Jang Keun-suk / Yonhap
Actor Jang Keun-suk / Yonhap

Top hallyu actor Jang Keun-suk wants to be recognized as an actor in Korea again.

"You may be a hallyu star, but without a domestic base, it can feel empty," Jang, 29, he told Yonhap news agency on Sunday. "I will really work hard in Korea this year."

Jang is expected to return to the small screen early this year in his first television drama and first Korean work in three years.

The former child actor was largely missing from the Korean entertainment scene in 2015 over tax evasion allegations.

Despite explanations from his agency, Jang was forced to drop out of tvN's reality entertainment show "Three Meals a Day" earlier 2015.

Jang said he had been shocked and pained by people's response to the allegations, but added that he had worked hard and legitimately for his earnings.

In the Yonhap interview, Jang said his family was once poor, with his father driving a taxi and his mother washing dishes in a restaurant.

These days, Jang, who is highly also popular in Japan and China, is more established financially.

He said that with the money he earned in his 20s, he wanted to set up a training center to nurture young actors.

Kim Ji-soo

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