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British celebrity embroiled in racism controversy

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Captured from MBC Every1
Captured from MBC Every1

By Jung Min-ho

A British man who rose to instant fame after appearing on a popular TV show in Korea has been embroiled in a racism controversy for a comment during the show and his behavior on Instagram.

Simon Burfiend, 25, one of the three main cast members for the latest season of "Welcome! First Time in Korea?" on MBC Every1, has been criticized by thousands of Koreans for what he said during the episode aired on Jan. 18.

In the episode, Burfiend and the two others visited a bakery in Seoul and shared their opinions about the taste of its bread. In response to another cast member's comment, "This is very much like a bakery in the U.K," Burfiend said, "Yes, this is quite civilized."

Given that the word "civilized" apparently has racist overtones to many people, Burfiend has been widely criticized on social media and blogs over the past week.

"I like the show so much. But the producer needs to explain about his remark," one said on Twitter Wednesday. "I'm disappointed in him," another Twitter user said.

According to, a U.S. online dictionary, the word "civilize" means "to bring out of savagery or barbarism into a state characteristic of civilization." Although some people do not necessarily take its meaning offensively, many still think the word contains a Euro-centric notion of progress and enlightenment and a racist connotation.

Many public figures have been caught up in similar controversies. At the G20 summit in July, French President Emmanuel Macron sparked a strong backlash by saying Africa's issues, such as failed states and rapid population growth, are "civilizational" ones that are different from those faced by Europe after the Second World War.

Burfiend is also accused of condoning his friends' racist remarks on his Instagram page. After the episode aired, some Korean fans found him on the photo-sharing service, in which they praised him in English.

Apparently making fun of their incorrect use of English, his friends left comments like, "Hi Mr Simone big fan of u, much muscles on your bod so handysom peace look forward to next filming."

After a Korean pointed out their rude behavior, Burfiend got rid of the comment section.

The Korea Times contacted Burfiend via email for an explanation, but he did not respond.

Jung Min-ho

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