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Befriend no Bosses

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By Jhoo-Dongchan

Social Networking Service (SNS) tools such as Facebook and Twitter have exploded in popularity in recent years. Many people now prefer socializing online to actually meeting in person.

However, it is not easy for users to follow some of the unspoken rules for interacting online. The Korea Times presents the following dos and don'ts for SNS that might be worth sharing.

1. Do NOT add your boss as a friend.

Don't scoff at this idea. Adding your boss to your SNS friend list may be as easy as a single click, but exposing your past could be to the detriment of your office life and career.

2. For your boss, press "like," "favorite," or "retweet."

After receiving a "like" from your boss or a comment such as "you went to a party last weekend?" on one of your posts, you should adopt the saying: "silence is golden." But don't forget to show interest in your boss' posts.

3. Use 'boss' rules on girlfriends.

Your partner and boss share similar natures in SNS. If adding your boss to your friend list stops you posting about your private life, having a girlfriend or a boyfriend halves your chances to interact with random guys and girls online.

4. Use emoticons

Communicating with others in SNS is mostly by text. It is impossible to hear a tone of voice or see a facial expression when other people "speak" in cyber space. In other words, it is easy for others, especially your girlfriend, boyfriend or boss to think you are being sarcastic when you are not. Such misunderstandings happen in various ways. That's where a simple emoticon comes in. A simple smiley face after a sentence can neutralize any potential tension.

5. Do NOT over-share yourself.

It is not uncommon to see a friend updating his or her status, photos and check-ins over and over again. The desire to recollect your life online is understandable. But please keep most of your life private. It is annoying to see others' routines popping up continuously. No one wants to know what you are doing on vacation, especially overseas. Keep it to yourself!

6. Last but not least: Show courtesy to others

Cyber space and driving share some things in common: Swear words are one example. There are just as many keyboard warriors as obnoxious people behind the wheel. They often use swear words to hurt others. Please DON'T do this. It does not do you any good. Malicious comments online can hurt others as much as in the real world. Some people have killed themselves because of cyber bullying lately, so keep that in mind.

Jhoo Dong-chan


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