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Rio 2016: Boyfriend a tall order for 192cm South Korean volleyball star

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Kim Yeon-koung
Kim Yeon-koung

By Park Si-soo

A South Korean volleyball superstar who is participating in the Rio Olympics is looking for a boyfriend.

She is Kim Yeon-koung, 29, captain and main hitter of the national volleyball team that crushed its Japanese counterpart 3-1 on Saturday (local time).

Considering her height of 192 centimeters, it is quite natural for her to take her boyfriend's height seriously. So how tall should her boyfriend be?

"At least 180 centimeters," Kim was quoted as saying in an interview in 2010. "But I prefer 181 centimeters to 180."

The taller the better?

The average height of South Korean men is 174.9 centimeters. Regrettably, it would be better for her to look for a boyfriend somewhere outside the country.

Park Si-soo


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