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Singer Suran reveals anguish of breast removal

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By Ko Dong-hwan

Suran. Korea Times file
Suran. Korea Times file
Singer Suran has revealed her painful memory of having a breast removed in her fight against cancer.

The soloist, appearing on talk show "Video Star" on MBC Every1 on Tuesday, said the mastectomy was done after the cancer was detected four years ago.

She said she had felt her "femininity no longer existed following the treatment" and worried that people "seemed to see me differently from my pre-treatment period."

The star from the Million Market agency has not had a recurrence of the cancer.

Suran is known as an "old rookie" for her recognition as a solo artist on the K-pop scene and steady rise to fame at the age of 33. She had her 2017 digital single "
WINE" produced by BTS's Suga, in addition to other singles featuring artists including Beenzino and MAMAMOO's Hwasa.

The computer science college major started her musical career in 2010 with urban R&B under stage name Bailyshoo.

She ventured into underground hip-hop, jazz, Brit-pop and electronic dance (with a brief gig as a member of girl duo LODIA) until 2014, when she signed with Million Market as a singer-songwriter.

Her latest release was in March ― the six-track mini-album "Jumpin'" whose title number is "
Don't Hang Up."

Ko Dong-hwan


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