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Korea to drop the term 'alien' from ID cards for foreigners

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Alien Registration Card / Courtesy of Ministry of Justice
Alien Registration Card / Courtesy of Ministry of Justice

By Jung Min-ho

The government will drop the term "alien" from the identification cards for foreign residents and replace it with a more neutral term.

The Ministry of Justice said Monday that it will change the name of the Alien Registration Card ― after using it for 54 years.

The decision comes after the ministry's advisory group recommended using a different name, such as "Foreign National Card," "Foreign Residence Card" or "Residence Card," saying that many have come to feel that the term "alien" has negative connotations.

The ministry is expected to choose one of the suggestions for the new cards and change the design.

"We hope that foreign residents here will feel more included with the new name," a ministry official said. "We will continue to listen to many people and try to reflect their voices in new policies."

Jung Min-ho


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