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Untact FACE of ASIA 2020 finals get closer

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By Lee Min-young

Among the 30 contestants selected during the first round of the 'Untact Face of Asia 2020' ― the world's very first virtual modeling festival hosted by the Asia Model Festival Organizing Committee (AMFOC) based in Seoul ― 26 models have been given the chance to compete in the next round.

The remaining contestants will now be competing to win the 3rd online video mission. The third round, a one-on-one tournament, will select only 13 models.

The 26 contestants who secured their chances of winning the 3rd round can be found at the 'Untact Face of ASIA' YouTube channel.

On the 3rd round, models will have to pass the 'traditional attire' mission where they are expected to film creative video contents wearing the national costume of their respective countries.

Video contents will be evaluated based on scores from judges, voting counts from AMFOC's mobile app and YouTube views. The 13 winners will move onto the final competition which falls on Dec. 4. The prize money for this year's event is 100 million won ($86,000).

This year's event ― sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Seoul city and Seoul Tourism Organization ― is being held online via multiple video-sharing platforms including its official YouTube channel and TikTok due to COVID-19 concerns.

Throughout the weeks-long online competition, contestants have been submitting various videos showing off their talents as a model and social media influencer including song cover challenges, art performances and Korean beauty brand commercials.

All videos created by the models can also be found at the 'Untact Face of ASIA' YouTube channel.

Lee Min-young


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