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Coway nominates new co-CEO

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Coway co-CEO Seo Jang-won
Coway co-CEO Seo Jang-won
By Park Jae-hyuk

Coway has nominated its Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Seo Jang-won as a new co-CEO during its recent annual senior executive reshuffle, the home appliances company said Wednesday.

With the latest reshuffle, the company has adopted a co-CEO structure led by two co-CEOs ― Seo and Lee Hae-sun, who has led the company since 2016.

The co-CEO nominee, who is known as an expert in strategic planning and global operation, will be officially appointed at a board meeting next month, and the expectation is that he can bring innovation and empower global capacity for the company's future business.

Before joining Coway, Seo worked as a senior U.S. attorney at law firm Shin & Kim and served as the chief investment officer and chief communications officer at Netmarble, the gaming firm which took over Coway last year.

He has a bachelor's degree in economics from Westminster College and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Connecticut's School of Law.

"We expect the new co-CEO to strengthen the company's core competency in strategic planning and global competitiveness in parallel with the stable business management of the current CEO," a Coway official said. "We will push forward to overcome the internal and external challenges under COVID-19 to enhance synergy with Netmarble and to lay the foundation for Coway's successful expansion into the global market."

Park Jae-hyuk

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