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IU donates 500 million won to underprivileged on her birthday

Singer-actress IU / Courtesy of EDAM Entertainment
Singer-actress IU / Courtesy of EDAM Entertainment

By Dong Sun-hwa

Singer-actress IU donated 500 million won ($440,000) for people in need on her birthday, May 16.

IU, whose real name is Lee Ji-eun, handed over the cash to multiple organizations including the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Korea Unwed Mothers Families' Association and Korea National Association of Child Welfare, according to her management company EDAM Entertainment.

The donation will be used to help children with rare diseases and single-parent families, among others in need.

"In celebration of her last birthday in her 20s, IU wanted to do something heartwarming under the name of her fandom and repay the love she has received," EDAM said in a statement.

IU has been involved in philanthropy for many years. In 2020, she gave 1 million won to the Korean Medical Association and the Good Neighbors charity, respectively, to support Korea's coronavirus fight. She also donated about 4,600 cooling vests for nurses at the frontline of COVID-19.

IU debuted in 2008 with the EP "Lost and Found." She put out a series of hits including "Good Day" (2010) and "Palette" (2017). She also has been forging an acting career, appearing on dramas such as "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo" (2016) and "Hotel Del Luna" (2019). She is currently filming the movie "Broker," which is helmed by the award-winning Japanese auteur Hirokzu Koreeda.

Dong Sun-hwa sunhwadong@koreatimes.co.kr

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