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Who should pay on dates?

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By Jun Ji-hye

Young people are showing a difference in perception about who should pay on dates, compared to several years ago when more people believed men should bear most of the expenses, according to matchmaking agency Duo, Sunday.

The company said young people these days appear to stress "fairness" between couples and no longer think men should be responsible for picking up all of the tabs on dates.

In a survey conducted by the firm in April targeting 250 single men and 250 single women in their 20s and 30s about who should pay on dates, more than half of the respondents, or 53.8 percent, said the person who earns the most.

About 35.4 percent said they prefer to split the bill equally, while only 10.6 percent stuck to the old perception that men should pay.

The results of the survey contrasted a previous survey conducted in 2014 by the same company on 257 single men and 304 single women. At the time, about half of the respondents, or 48.2 percent, said men should bear the expenses of dating, while 33.9 percent said men and women should take turns to pay on dates.

In another survey conducted in 2011 by job portal operator Mediawill Networks, 29.8 percent of users surveyed said that men should bear at least 70 percent of the expenses of dating.

"Young people no longer place importance on gender when thinking about who should pay on dates," a Duo official said. "Instead, they seem to place more importance on fairness."

Jun Ji-hye jjh@koreatimes.co.kr

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